Multi Cultural Hubs Are Innovative

Innovation evolves when different cultures matches, Samuel P. Huntington would say “clashes”. London is famous for its Artists, Designers and Musicians setting trends for many mass products. In 2001 I had the chance to work and live there for 1 month. Continue reading

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Metrics Metrics Everywhere

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The Word Web Design

Why is it worth to think about the word “Web Design”? Did you ever think about what it really means? Sure, it is a common term in context of creating a web site. But does it make sense to combine both words? In my opinion the word is miss-used. Continue reading

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Facebook and FPT

Logo FacebookLogo FPT Vietnam

This morning I got the message shot on my Facebook wall. Facebook Ireland Ltd. has signed a contract with FPT Vietnam. Continue reading

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Page Speed

Coincidently with my recent post about web page performance Google just launched the online page speed tool which analyses the speed of a single web page. I checked it out and immediately tested The start page has an overall page speed of 74, not that bad but has to be improved.   The analysis results are categorised in high, medium and low priority. The funny thing is, the high priority result of the start page tells me to use CSS sprites: Continue reading

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SAVVi Investors Forum

savvi logo

Yesterday, more then 100 entrepreneurs attended the first SAVVi Investors Forum (SIF) to get some insights into an investor’s mind. Initiated by SAVVi (Strategic Alliance Vietnamese Venture International) last year, some investors and business angels put there heads together to support the young spirit of Vietnamese who are willing to start their own business. SAVVi has some more projects and we will work on those to allay the communities hunger for education, experience and expansion. Stay tuned and watch out! SAVVi has more than 2500 members world wide.

Special thanks to Warren Eng and ERC institute for location sponsoring. A modern and well designed location!

SAVVi Investor Forum Logo

The SIF website:
The SAVVi online business platform:

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Google Adword Campaigns, Self-Made

Back in university, one of my lecturer about Performance Marketing questioned “I do not understand why my clients come to me after the first campaign?” He came up with this question because his clients were usually advertising agencies who haven’t had experience about Performance Marketing yet. After his consulting work and explanation how to do Search Engine Marketing (SEM), he provides already the basic knowledge about SEM. His clients would be able with this basic knowledge to go ahead without him. But they didn’t. Either he did (still does) a very good job or the clients aren’t smart/self-confident enough to do by their own. Continue reading

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Web Page Performance

How many times did you visit a website and the content is loading…, loading…, loading…?
Web performance isn’t rocket science with simple guidelines you are able to decrease the page load up to 400%. Continue reading

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Group Picture Scrum Master Course

Participants of the first Scrum Master Course in Vietnam

Participants of the first Scrum Master Course in Vietnam

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The Nokia Test (Questions)

When I attended Jeff Sutherland’s CSM training July 2010, I get to know the Nokia Test the first time. According Bas Odde, it is actually not a test but rather a guideline and questionnaire which you can use to identify if your are using Scrum or not. Here is the “Nokia Test”.

Continue reading

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